Apr 2, 2019 5:08:23 AM Benjamin Pure

4 Simple Steps to Starting with Medical Answering Services

Medical answering services have already proved invaluable for many modern-day healthcare businesses, helping them deliver excellent customer service any time of day. Hopefully, by now, you’ve already discovered the indelible benefits of call outsourcing, such as profit growth, smaller payroll expenses, and improved patient retention rates.

Today, we’d like to discuss how to reap those benefits if you haven’t yet. All it takes to switch to a 24 hours call answering services provider are four simple steps that we’ll unravel now.

Healthcare Answering Services. Where to start?

Before you start, revisit all information about medical call answering to make sure you understand how it works. Reflect upon your expectations, define your requirements, and contact support if needed, to resolve any questions you may have.

Select the Right Plan

How many calls does your personnel answer each day? That’s the only factor which should matter when you pick the optimal plan for your hospital or practice. Some answering services providers may perplex you with overtly complex packages that involve various surcharges or set-up fees. These hidden costs make it difficult to evaluate the total expenditure of retaining their services.

The Doctors Answer offers a few clear-cut price bundles tailored to suit healthcare businesses of all sizes. Our pricing is straight-forward and based on the live/emergency call volume per month, while all routine calls are free.

For the sake of your precious time, we believe in simplicity. No matter which tier you choose, all our plans come with numerous services and features at no extra cost. What’s more, you benefit from a no-strings-attached, free monthly trial to help you gauge your demand for call forwarding.

Personalize Your Service

Our call agents respond to calls based on predefined scripts, or modes of operation. These scripts help them deliver consistent services to your patients and ensure all calls are processed in a way that’s well-suited to your business. In other words, by going through your established protocols for call handling, we know how to address each type of call.  

Once you decide on the best service pricing for your practice or hospital, the next step is to set up an introductory call with a dedicated agent who will be in charge of your account. During the call, we will discuss your healthcare business, reasons behind retaining our services, inquire about your patients, and go over your business needs and expectations. We will also want to know the standard call handling procedures in your business, and learn which calls to consider as urgent. After establishing all these details, you can move on to the next step.

Test our FREE 30-Day Trial Offer

Sometimes assessing the call volume in your facility can be difficult. This is especially true for clinics and practices with a large customer base. That’s why we believe it is vital to provide our customers with a free 30-day trial of our services.

Start Free Trial

Thanks to the extended trial period, you can accurately assess your call forwarding needs, and learn more about the advantages of the solution. As no contract is required to launch the trial, you may activate it with a single click of a button, starting with the plan that seems the most relevant for you. If it proves inadequate, you will be able to change it later on.

What’s more, when you kick off, we will activate the call forwarding service without interrupting your current processes. In the unlikely event, you decide to switch back to your resources when the trial ends, we will restore the original process at no charge.

Stay with Us and Enjoy the Benefits!

If you decided to continue with our services, lean back and relax. Now, in step four, everything is in our hands. Our trained agents will answer every single call that reaches your hospital or office, day and night with no exception. All communication will be handled efficiently, providing your patients with a personal touch. Meanwhile, your medical and office staff will be able to focus on their core tasks uninterrupted.

All calls will be monitored, recorded, and securely stored in our database. Any time you wish to access the logged messages, you may do so through an encrypted web portal.


A professional, medical call answering is your best choice to maintain constant contact with your patients and enhance customer services in your facility. Are you ready to grasp the opportunities of healthcare answering services? Get in touch with us, and we may take it together from step 1!

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