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Can We Help Pharmacies Tackle Accreditation Faster?

By obtaining accreditation, pharmacies can demonstrate value and consistency in the delivery of high-quality services. They also benefit from exclusive access to limited-distribution medicines and more lucrative payer contracts (you can find out here how to boost pharmacy revenue with accreditation).

Considering these advantages, it’s hardly surprising that the number of pharmacies seeking recognition from various accreditation bodies is constantly growing.

Interest in Pharmacy Accreditation Is Soaring

Even though the pharmacy accreditation process is quite rigorous and complex, we are experiencing the rising popularity of accreditation standards. According to  the Drug Channel’s report on U.S. pharmacies, currently, there are 911 accredited pharmacies in the USA, a triple growth in number from 2015. Pharmacy accreditation is an emerging trend in the healthcare market, and one that has created a demand for a new type of services, namely accreditation consulting.

Consulting Companies Help Pharmacies with Accreditation

Accreditation consulting companies such as  RBS Solutions provide pharmacies with assistance in developing procedures and policies aligned with accreditation specifications. They review the existing pharmacy processes against accreditation requirements, educate pharmacy staff about accreditation standards, usher pharmacies through the submission process, and assist them during on-site reviews. They help pharmacies prepare for accreditation from start to finish, making the entire experience much more streamlined and hassle-free.

The role of accreditation partners is to assist pharmacies as they pursue accreditation, by reviewing their existing procedures, identifying discrepancies and inadequacies in their policies, and navigating them through the complex accreditation process.

Pharmacy Accreditation Guidelines Exist, But No Explicit Requirements

Pharmacies seeking accreditation are required to demonstrate excellence in several performance areas outlined by accreditation bodies. However, no detailed requirements exist, which makes the accreditation process extremely laborious.

Accreditation organizations such as  CPPA or  URAC regularly publish and update standards and measures that pharmacies are required to meet, but their interpretation may vary.

Additionally, the scope of these standards for candidate pharmacies can be overwhelming. For example, to receive URAC accreditation, specialty pharmacies must demonstrate high quality within the following areas: organizational structure, regulatory compliance, inter-departmental coordination, information management, staff qualifications and management, customer service and communication, and many more.

The variety and complexity of some accreditation specifications are the main reasons why many pharmacies prefer to turn for professional help to consultants.

What Specialty Answering Services Can Do For Pharmacies Looking to Get Accredited

While healthcare consulting firms play a pivotal role in providing accreditation support, medical answering services are also instrumental in facilitating the accreditation process. One of the critical requirements that pharmacies must meet to receive a seal of approval from accrediting bodies is ensuring 24/7 customer support. The business of dispensing medicine requires care, speed, and accuracy. It’s a difficult combination of skills to staff, particularly after hours. By engaging a specialty answering services company, patrons can instantly meet a key accreditation condition and move on to the next step on the accreditation standards’ list.

Supporting Pharmacies in Obtaining Accreditation Together

At TDA, we believe every pharmacy should have an equal chance of demonstrating credibility in providing exceptional services. We have already helped hundreds of pharmacy owners meet accreditation standards faster by ensuring around-the-clock access to their business via phone. Now, to make this process even easier, we’d like to extend our affiliate program to other pharmacies and healthcare consulting companies.

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