Aug 13, 2019 12:30:00 PM Benjamin Pure

9 Inspirational Medical Practice Profiles on Facebook to Learn From

Is your medical practice on Facebook? With over 2.3 billion active users and an abundance of marketing tools leveraging AI and data analytics, Facebook remains one of the critical enablers for customer attraction and retention across all industries.

Consider how these nine notable doctors and medical practices across the country take advantage of Facebook and learn how to improve your profile to drive greater patient engagement.

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Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care

A lot is happening for Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care, and it shows on their Facebook profile. The New York-based medical center posts daily updates about their work, staff, and events, engaging the audience of over 2,000 followers. If you’d like to learn how to nurture your patient audience with frequent updates, get inspired by their Facebook page.

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Kheir Center

This FTCA deemed primary healthcare clinic fulfills a unique mission to serve the cultural and linguistic minorities in LA and provide them with access to quality medical services. The welcoming, inclusive nature of the facility shines at every step of its online presence. On Facebook, Kheir Center features multi-lingual posts, shares updates from minority events in the neighborhood, and encourages visitor interaction with automatic message popups.

Denver Health Winter Park Medical Clinic

According to Hubspot, an engaging cover photo is one of the main characteristics of a great Facebook profile. The next medical practice on our list, Denver Health Winter Park Medical Clinic, surely understands that. Their simple, yet attractive cover photo stands out with distinct, clear-cut design featuring the company’s slogan. 

Shane J. Nho, M.D.

Doctor Shane Nho specializes in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, and his Facebook profile serves as another great example of an effective cover photo. 

Doctor Nho uses the Facebook banner space to display all critical details about his business, including specialty, phone number, and website address. The text is complemented by a well-matching picture that makes it immediately obvious what kind of healthcare services are provided.

Seattle Mama Doc

The next profile on our list is a powerful example of how letting a doctor’s personality shine on social media can catalyze patient engagement. 

Seattle Mama Doc  is a blog authored by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a practicing pediatrician who leverages the appeal of social media to provide parents with relevant guidance on raising happy, healthy children. Facebook is a sharing platform for her blog posts and videos discussing specific health-related issues affecting children and parents. Using smile, honesty, and integrity as her tactics, Dr. Swanson has gathered an impressive audience of over 7.5 thousand Facebook followers. 

Fixari Family Dental

Fixari is a dental practice from Ohio, serving the local community since 1987. These owners definitely know their way around social media, with a group of over 1,700 followers on Facebook, and more than 300 positive reviews.

The profile immediately appeals to visitors with its positive, cheerful vibe. It features numerous photos of happy, smiling staff and patients (remember, it’s a dental service), inspirational quotes, and behind the scenes updates to make all potential patients feel welcome and comfortable in the clinic, online and onsite.

Dr. Poz

Another noteworthy dental Facebook profile is that of Dr. Poz, a family dentist from Toledo, Ohio. It emanates the doctor’s brilliant sense of humor and conveys his fun-loving, welcoming nature with funny videos, amusing post updates, and lots of humorous pictures revealing the tricks of the dentist’s trade.

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Fitting for a provider of world-class healthcare services, Colorado’s Sky Ridge Medical Center  has a highly-effective Facebook profile, fully-optimized for driving traffic to their website. 

The page makes great use of Call-to-Actions (customized buttons and links leading to a company’s website or resources, used to elicit a given response from the users), for example in the profile banner area. Instead of the default button, the banner features an actionable Book Now message to navigate patients right on to make an appointment.

Doctors to You

Immediacy is the first word that comes to our mind when visiting Doctors to You  Facebook profile. Their logo is a running doctor’s bag and the animated profile banner is energetic, amusing, and self-explanatory. The company's branding is perfectly in line with their business, which is concierge house calls service providing quality care to Washington D.C. citizens in urgent cases. Altogether, this consistency is instrumental in building awareness of their medical business while gaining patients’ trust.

Improving Facebook Profile for Healthcare Businesses

A powerful Facebook profile that gets patient's attention and generates more conversions can be achieved in a few simple steps:

  1. Provide comprehensive information about your practice. Include the phone number, website address, business hours, physical address, and other relevant details.
  2. Devote some time to complete the about section. It’s frequently the first place visitors check on business Facebook pages. Share a few words about your medical practice, explain your specialty, help prospective patients understand how you can help them.
  3. Maintain branding consistency. Do you have a logo? If not, design one, and use it consistently across Facebook. Set it as your business photo, and make sure all assets match it in style and colors.
  4. Be informative, inspiring, or funny. Marketing research indicates that web users are looking to be educated, inspired, or amused. Whatever you post on your profile, make sure you deliver on one of these conditions.
  5. Be yourself. While it’s ok to seek inspiration from healthcare businesses that nailed Facebook marketing (such as the ones above), don’t try to mimic anyone. Show off your personality, be proud of your staff, share behind the scenes pictures, posts, and videos. Allow your social media visitors to get to know you before they move on to visiting your onsite facility

There’s More to Patient Engagement Than Just Facebook

Facebook is one of the most efficient tools for driving customer engagement and capturing new patients. However, in some cases, nothing can replace the sound of a human voice.

To ensure your healthcare services are always within reach to your patients, consider 24/7 medical answering services that will supplement your Facebook strategy, and support your patients around the clock.